Hallie just brought me this Little People girl complaining that her hair was “yucky”. I take the girl from her and sure enough her hair is wet. Hallie likes to use real water in her play kitchen so I figured she probably fell in the pan with the water. So I put my nose up to it to smell it and there wasn’t an odor, so I knew it was water. I wiped it off and gave it back to her. Hallie was persistant in telling me her hair was yucky. So I finally ask Hallie to show me where her little girl got wet. She walks me to the bathroom and over to the toilet. “She fell in when she was going potty.” Of course she did, because I just put it up to my nose and then wiped in on my shirt… Hallie continues, “She had to go potty, but uh-oh, she fell in.” I remind Hallie that only we go on the potty (and who are we kidding, Hallie doesn’t even sit on it!!) and assured her if her girl needs to go to the bathroom she can use the bathroom in her own house! What can you do, we’ve got Little People in a big sea.