After our long and dreary winter, I’m ecstatic with our 70 degree weather. I told my mom we were in shorts and shirts today and really quite warm- I’m realizing it’s all about perception. Compared to our cold winter, 70 degrees was a dream. After our two hour park excursion this morning, I felt the itchy skin. The longer I was inside the more my face and arms beamed bright red. It didn’t even cross my mind to put on sunscreen- what kind of mother am I? Has it really been that long?

After Hallie’s nap time we ventured back outside to do some gardening, once again forgetting the suncreen! I just don’t learn! Within two minutes of being outside, and the sun beating down on my already burned arms, I remembered, finally. I lathered up Hallie and myself. As I was doing so, the smell overwhelmed me. The smell of summer! Oh boy howdy was I excited. I forgot how much I love the smell of sunscreen. (Give it a month or two and it’ll wear off!)

Not only does this new season bring back familiar smells, but familiar sounds. I’m not sure what it is about All American Rejects, but they are my summer band. Today was the first time I’ve played them in months. And as I listen, all I can imagine is riding in a car, with all the windows rolled down, just blasting the songs. Hallie and I had them playing, and the music created an energy in our house, it was amazing what a few songs can do!

Now, I understand, it’s only April in Wisconsin, so yes, there is still that possibility that it could snow, and we definitely will have our fair share of rainy days- but by golly, I see that tiny light at the end of the tunnel, and I can feel summer upon us. And for that I will go listen to AAR, “Move Along” I think it’s only appropriate!!