Okay, So I think I’ve been tagged 10-20 times, and I’ve always ignored it. Once again I was tagged, so I’m giving in. I will do this once and never again will I feel the guilt of being tagged.
Here it is, the 5 things you may not know about me, or wish you never did!

1. I have very vivid/realistic dreams, and I always remember them. Every morning I wake up and I can remember a series of events. I know names, places, and can even recall the conversations. Steve will ask me sometimes what I was dreaming about because he heard me talking in my sleep about random things (interest rates, house projects, etc.). And most likely a good portion of you have been in those dreams, but I never tell the dirty details!!

2. I like to argue just for the sake of arguing…Steve knows this all too well. My mom always thought I should be a lawyer for the way I enjoyed a good debate. Now that I’m married, I might agree with Steve 100% on an issue, but what fun is a discussion if you completely agree with the other person?? He’ll often call me out and say, “I know that you agree with me, you’re just trying to make a point.” And to that I will agree!

3. I had 11 teeth (all baby teeth) pulled at one time…the problem was I was in seventh grade, talk about a few awkward years. I had so many teeth pulled I was left with only my four top front, and four top bottom, as well as a molar on each side/top and bottom. Lets just say it took me a lot longer than 16 years old to truly enter the dating scene. Rest assured I don’t have any fake teeth at this point, although at one time (6 years old) I did have a cap- but that’s a whole different story, just the same related incident!

4. Hallie is of course my favorite child, and I tell her that daily. (Yes, she will have a complex as she grows older, but what can you do?) I enjoy buying her fun things at PBKids as well as a new outfit (or two, or even three) at the one and only Gap! Steve’s convinced when baby #2 rolls around, Hallie is going to have a breakdown, a serious breakdown. Expect that breakdown to occur around the first week in October, as we are 16 weeks on our way. That’s right- for those who knew Hallie as an infant are probably shocked at the fact we would ever consider another. Our hearts have been softened- and memories erased and we’re looking forward to the angel baby we’re told we deserve. We’re trying to warm Hallie up to the idea, which sounds good in theory. But wait until some angel child is sitting in my arms and not her, it will melt not only her heart but mine. Luckily we’ve had some great/cherished one-on-one time which really only comes to the first and probably the last child. We’ll continue to soak it up for another couple months. I sure do love and adore that girl!

5. I love internet news sites. You’ll never catch me watching the news on t.v. or even sitting down to read the newspaper- but I’m always checking CNN, New York Times, and Yahoo News. It’s so convenient, as I’m checking my email it’ll show the top five stories of the hour, and I at least read one, if not two or three every time its updated. I enjoy it, I find the news interesting, and it’s quick access to a lot of information. What I really enjoy about it is being able to converse with other people, and understanding what’s going on outside my little bubble. Often times during a day, I don’t converse with anyone but Hallie…and as lovely as those conversations are, it doesn’t require a whole lot of thinking on my part. I don’t feel challenged I guess by our conversations, and why would I, she’s two years old and most likely we’re discussing the peanut butter she has squished between her fingers. And I love it, I do. But at the same time, I’m an educated person and its easy to see that feeling slip away during a day as I clean up messes, and put shoes on time and time again, and find that blasted sippy cup that she just has to have. Reading the news is my way of staying informed and in a way feeling educated day in and day out. It’s just something I enjoy and look forward to!

There you have it- 5 things about me. I’m done, I will blog guiltless from here on out!