This how happy a little bit of sunshine will make us in Wisconsin!With my mom in town this last week we took it as an opportunity for some family time at the Dells! Wahoo! We went back to the same resort as we did last time, but this time Hallie wasn’t sick so she was much more enjoyable. The kiddie slides were intimidating at first, with water over her head and gushing into her mouth and eyes. But despite deep water, Hallie would courageously go down the slide, hit the 2 ft deep water, where she nearly drown, flailing her arms, eyes wide open under water, grinning from ear to ear, just waiting for her knight in shining armor (her father) to aid her in her rescue. As she spit water out of her mouth, and brushed her hair out of her face she would say in her bright cheery voice. “Tank you, Daddy, Tank you Mommy.” After many trips down the slide (and finding a slide with shallower water) she became a pro, only hitting her head causing minor concussions as she came down smiling wide. She would then make it back to the deep water with daddy by her side only to try the drowning bit again. She loved it, it never got old for her, Steve yes, but not Hallie.

With Steve as the guardian of Hallie it gave my mom and I some time to relax and chat it up. Both days the first hour revolved around Hallie and then we ventured out to the big kid rides where we went down slides on tubes in groups. It was great. The lazy river was also a hit partially because it’s lazy, requiring no effort. Of course we only wanted to get in the lazy river after we had already completed submerged ourselves in water, after capsizing our raft coming from another ride. Once your soaked it doesn’t make a difference it water is splashing in her face around every bend!

I’m glad we didn’t give up after our last experience at the Dells. Clearly Hallie was sick last time making it difficult for her to enjoy anything, resulting in us not enjoying it as much. But she showed us this time- she’s a water baby through and through, and let me tell you, we will fully enjoy all the water we can in Wisconsin after it all thaws by June!