Hallie seems to be getting more baths lately because we’re outside so much and she gets filthy- which Hallie loves. Bath time used to be a 10 minute experience, but I’m proud to say we can now stretch this time to 45 minutes. (thanks to her new favorite tub toy, the dress up doll from PBKids) This is really a great time for me to actually get ready, if I deem appropriate that day!
After a sufficient time in the tub, and by sufficient, I mean her hands and every body part were to the point of pruniness I was unsure she would recover from it! I went in to wash her hair off.

Kara: Come on Hallie lets wash your hair now!
Hallie: No, it’s all gone.
Kara: What do you mean it’s all gone?
Hallie: I don’t know, all gone in the tub.

Sure enough, I pick up the shampoo bottle and not an ounce of shampoo, it was a brand new bottle. I knew the bathroom smelled of tropics more than usual! So I start washing off her body and hair to get that disgusting film off her body, and I ran some more water. Low and behold the tub is filling with bubbles. Of course, it is, why wouldn’t it? Of course with more bubbles, Hallie was due to stay in the tub for a half hour longer. I sure was productive this morning!