Hallie was in the bathtub while I was in the bedroom making the bed. This is our conversation…

Hallie: Mom, I need you, come here.
Kara: What do you need Hallie?
Hallie: There’s a ladybug in my mouth.

I chuckle to myself and make my way to the bathroom where she has a disgusted look on her face.

Kara: What’s wrong?
Hallie: There’s a ladybug in my mouth.
Kara: Well spit it out.
Hallie: I can’t.
Kara: Why can’t you?
Hallie: It’s gone.

Hallie opens her mouth and I see nothing except a little speck of something on her chin.
Not too concerned because there’s not a whole lot I can do at this point I reassure her everything is okay. I look around at all her toys in the bathtub, and there’s a handful a floaty things- not toys. Ladybugs you might ask? No, no ladybugs. Just something that appears to be her somewhat failed attempt to not going to the bathroom in the tub. It dawns on me, there was never a ladybug in the bathtub, what Hallie thought was a ladybug, well, it was something else!