Yet another Daddy-daughter date to report. We bought a treadmill not too long ago, and sweet Steve has been saving this box downstairs so he can “build” a house for Hallie! So Saturday rolled around and I worked in the morning so Steve had Hallie to himself. He pulled up that box from downstairs, cut a door, a few windows, drew a few shutters on it, and a welcome sign above the door! They had a blast together in this house.

Hallie did have one complaint, “Daddy, too dark, no lights.” Steve may be able to work his magic with a pair of scissors but wiring a cardboard box was above and beyond his abilities! Hallie put her baby to bed in this “house” and made herself quite comfortable. That is until she tried climbing in through the sunroof, which of course she fell miserably through, landing square on the stool sitting inside the house. The tears were a flowin’, but dangle one sticker in front of her and her bruised and possibly shattered cheekbone is suddenly forgotten, and all for a sticker! Oh to have the resilience of a child again!!