Steve’s been out of town for a couple days, and in fact was gone a day longer than anticipated due to Milwaukee’s wonderful fog…Anyway this morning was our first morning with him and boy was I happy. I’ve realized this week it’s so much harder to stay up really late when I have to get up with Hallie early in the morning. Luckily Steve is back in town to take over morning duty. This morning he got her out of bed, they ate their breakfast together and then she wanted to watch TV. I was just lying in bed so I could here the conversation in the living room.

Steve: What do you want to watch?
Hallie: Um…
Steve: Hurry, what do you want to watch?
Hallie: I watch Diego.
Steve: Diego, What’s Diego?
Hallie: Diego.
Steve: Hallie, I don’t know what Diego is. (flipping through recorded cartoons)
Hallie: (getting frustrated) No, No Di-eg-o (saying it very slowly so her father can understand, meanwhile I’m just chuckling to myself in bed. They go back and forth a couple more times each repeating what they’ve already said.)
Steve: (Fed up) You’re watching something else, how about Max and Ruby?
Hallie: Okay

Steve comes into the bedroom to say good-bye to me. “What the heck is Diego?” he asks. I reply with a grin, “Go, Diego, Go, the partner of Dora.” Oh- Clearly he’s been in New York too many days!