Just wanted to let the Fathers in my life know what amazing men they are. For starters- Steve is the best dad I could wish for my children. He is loving, patient, and knows how to get down on the floor and play with children. He adores Hallie and Hallie feels the same way about him. He makes special time with Hallie as they go on their daddy-daughter dates and it melts my heart to hear her talk about her time with him. And now with a little boy on the way, I can see the excitement building within him. He can’t wait to have his boy, to take him to fathers and sons outings, go to Priesthood meetings with him, play football with him, the whole works. I’m grateful for the wonderful example Steve is to Hallie and will be to future children. Thank you Steve, we love you.Next is my dad. My dad has been there for me every step of the way. He was at every game, he coached my soccer team, he was always the one to tape my ankle before basketball games, he taught me how to water ski, he taught me the gospel. He taught me the importance of relationships and of loyalty. I love him and appreciate all he did for to shape me and the dedication he has to our family.Lastly is Steve’s dad. From the first day that I met this man, he has been warm and welcoming and always ready for a good conversation. I hear Steve talk about his dad with such high regard and respect and I can see the love that is shared between them. I likewise feel that love and comfort, knowing his prayers are always with us.

I’m grateful for all the fathers- who put in a hard day at work, and then willingly (well at least I think it’s willingly) come home to a wife and family, where their job doesn’t end. They help with dishes, playing with children, putting kids to bed and so far. Thanks for all you do!