We are in our last week of June and we’re finally experiencing warm summer weather, which means splash parks and water playgrounds are open! Yeah! Hallie is in heaven as we get to go to parks and she gets to ride her bike around the circle. Steve took the day off so we spent an hour and went to a nearby park. It took some getting used to, but Hallie quickly warmed up to the idea of running through the chilly water!

Some of my favorite things of summer:

1. Flip Flop tan lines on my feet
2. Popsicles (It just doesn’t seem right to eat a Popsicle in the winter time!)
3. Blooming flowers- love them
4. Yard work- I enjoy taking care of my gardens and lawn, I find peace in doing it
5. The bell on Hallie’s bike, it is music to my ears
6. Walking barefoot in the grass
7. BBQs
8. Park/Beach days
9. Going outside at night to marvel at the fire flies that flutter around me lighting up for only a second or two.
10. Watching Hallie enjoy and look forward to her time outside, and letting her enjoy her time as a kid!