Hallie likes to line things up, time and time again. Whether its her Little People figurines, books, toothpaste, or her capri suns, she likes to have everything lined up. This past week we’ve been working on organizing the basement. Cleaning things out, building shelving units, getting rid of things, etc. Hallie tends to roam around doing her own thing, usually not getting into too much trouble. I had just come from Sams club earlier in the week where I bought some flavored water from Capri Sun and of course Hallie found them. I saw her lugging boxes of these things around which didn’t bother me, it was keeping her busy. When I completed building the shelving unit I realized it was time for lunch so I start to walk up the stairs and this is exactly what I find, baby and all. Of course this didn’t surprise me one bit, why wouldn’t she open every box of drinks and line them up on the stairs. I’m just amazed she got all the boxes open, I have trouble with them sometimes, they’re glued pretty well!