I feel like I often repeat myself with Hallie, giving her cautionary advice. “Don’t touch that, it’s hot”, “Don’t jump off that, you’ll hurt yourself”, “You’re going to get your finger caught if you’re not careful”. It’s normal advice we all give right? Never fail, I tell Hallie 5 times every time we go to the park to not walk by the people swinging or she’s going to get hit, yet this advice never sticks with her. In the last two weeks she’s been knocked down three times from walking by the people swinging. The first two times she got the wind knocked out of her and she moved on with life, but the third time, well they say the third time’s a charm!!

We were attending yet another BBQ yesterday. Hallie was enjoying her time on the playground. Once again, as if she hasn’t heard the caution before, she walks behind a boy swinging. He was going pretty fast and pummels her to the ground. Steve was right there to pick up our screaming child. We did our best at averting her attention with another swing and her crying stopped. We get talking and distracting her before I notice the large welt forming around her eye. Steve hurried to get some ice on it before her eye swelled anymore- but the damage had been done. A good kick to the face isn’t ever forgiving. (You can click on it to get a better look!)

So we went to church looking like this today. Poor girl, but man she was a trooper. Steve was touching it this morning just to check the pain level and it didn’t bother her at all. Unfortunately, I think we’ll be staying home for a few days so we don’t get the weird stares at Target with people saying, “She really shouldn’t hit her child like that.” or “If she would be more cautious with her daughter, she wouldn’t look like that.” What can you do, she’s two!