My last post was made Sunday morning…yet Sunday evening wasn’t a whole lot better!! (Actual photos after the storm, all taken within a couple miles of our home.) I’ve never in my life seen as much rain as we’ve experienced lately. It’s out of control. Besides the fact that our lawn still hasn’t recovered (three days after the last bit of rain dropped, and our lawn is still soggy and muddy) our situation looks pretty good compared to most. For example, the owner of this car! They are definitely having a worse time with the storm than me and my tomato plants.

Speaking of which, the garden hasn’t quite recovered, nor will it, but I’m happy to report about half the plants seemed to have pulled through. YEAH! Steve and I have been working hard this week on prepping our house to grade on Saturday (bring dirt in, replace window wells, and grade the soil out) so hopefully we can solve the water in the basement issue…granted if we experience another storm like we had, I don’t think there’s much we can do to stop the water from coming in. It seems as though most people experienced at least a small amount of water in their basements, and some more than others. So hopefully we get that taken care of considering we’re finishing the basement in two months!!

It’s supposed to rain tomorrow and Friday…I think our lawn could go another week+ without water, but what can you do. And to think some areas experience droughts where they pray for moisture…not us!