Milwaukee has more festivals than any town I have ever heard of- seriously there’s a festival for everything it seems. Every time I’m driving in the car I’m hearing another festival being advertised on the radio- every weekend it seems. Here’s a short list of the ones I’ve heard of, not to mention all those I block out, which is quite a few.

Cool Fool Kite Festival
Winter Festival
Chocolate Fest
Strawberry Festival
Polish Fest
Bastille Days
Greek Fest
Festa Italiana
German Fest
African World Festival
Arab World Fest
Irish Fest
Mexican Fiesta
Labor Fest
Indian Summer Festival
Tosa Fest
(where’s American fest…oh wait, we just had that didn’t we, the 4th of July!)

I’m sad to report, out of all of these festivals, Steve and I have only made an appearance at one of them…just one, Summerfest, the music festival. Why? We’re lazy! Most festivals are downtown, we’d have to fight traffic, the parking, mobs and gobs of drunk people, the list could go on and on. Yet we have many friends who take advantage of all there is to do- we keep telling ourselves, we’ll go next year, and yet two years have come and gone and nothing. My goal is to attend at least two festivals next year. I’m going to plan it out, write the dates on the calendar and do it. Any suggestions which ones we should hit up?