Most Saturday and Sunday mornings consist of the traditional pancake or French toast breakfast. I usually take it upon myself to cook these breakfasts. (the one who cooks the meal doesn’t traditionally spend as much time cleaning up, which in my book is a major perk!) On a couple occasions, I’m not quite out of bed when Steve and Hallie are ready for their breakfast, which results in Steve making the breakfast. I tend to cook “traditional” pancakes which means their boring, and circular in shape. However, when Steve mans the griddle he adds his own special touch which results in Hallie getting cool shaped pancakes like Mickey. Of course, the next week when I cook again Hallie is demanding Goofy pancakes- I can’t live up to that, I’m not that talented when it comes to pancake batter. So I stick with round pancakes. I leave the creativity up to Steve on this one!