Last year we lived at the beach…and this year sadly enough we have neglected it! I always have good intentions to make it there, but then it’s cloudy and chilly or Hallie could really use a nap, or any other excuse I seem to make up! But with the help of some friends, I made it, for my first time of the summer.

Although I love the beach, I quickly remembered I hate sand, I loathe sand. I hate the feeling of sand, I hate out it gets everywhere…everywhere. I hate walking with flip flops that have sand on them. It’s like fingers running down a chalkboard to me. So I tend to sit in the grassy area (I know you’re probably thinking- since when have beaches had grassy areas, but this one does!) and then I get the best of both worlds. But I was with a group of friends so I thought it would be awkward to sit in the grass by myself. So I buried my feet in the sand with the rest of them and pretended I liked the feeling!! Despite the sand issue, we had a great time. Hallie was inseparable from her friend Paige and I had a great time with friends. I always enjoy myself once I’m there, it’s the getting there I have difficulties with. Now that I remember how cool it is I want to go back every day- unfortunately it closes next week. Maybe next year we will show more affection to our wonderful friend the beach.