Hallie is in love with bubbles – she can’t get enough of them. Shortly before we left on vacation I was mentioning to someone how much she liked bubbles and they suggested I try Gymboree bubble oodles. Oddly enough I never thought to look for bubbles at Gymboree. Sure enough I found myself at Gymboree that evening purchasing the bubbles. They were unlike any bubble I had seen. We were using them in a gym and they just seemed to suspend in the air. Not really popping or floating away. I was quickly taken back to a scene in the original Charlie and the Chocolate Factory where they’re in the bubble room. Because we left shortly after this on vacation we never opened them. We then find ourselves at Steve’s sister’s house and I was telling her how amazing I thought these bubbles were. She just laughed and said she had recently bought them, but never opened them. So sure enough we opened those suckers up and started blowin’. Hallie was in heaven…so was Steve!