One evening while in Rexburg we went to a park with Steve’s family, including his aunt, uncle and cousin. We had a little bbq and then topped it off with a few smores. Hallie wasn’t so much a fan of the smores, but she sure liked those marshmallows (having been the second item we introduced to her this trip which coats your teeth with sugar as it somewhat melts in your mouth!) She was in heaven. We then went to feed the ducks. This was pretty cool until they pecked at Hallie’s toes a little bit. This wasn’t by any means happen chance, Steve kept throwing bread on Hallie’s feet so the ducks would come close to her. She would get a little nervous and then scoot back, Steve continued to throw bread on her feet each time she moved. Hallie just couldn’t figure out why these ducks kept trying to eat her feet!