Our next stop in our western states vacation was good ol’ Rexburg, Idaho to visit Steve’s parents who are serving a mission on the BYU-Idaho campus. It was a little weird to drive back into Rexburg after leaving it two years ago. We of course drove by our old condo and marveled at how awesome it was to have a new place to live in and never worry about yard work. We didn’t realize how nice it really was until we moved away. So much has changed in two years, but at the same time it seemed all too familiar. We went to campus one day…so different. So much construction, so much change. Yet I walked into the Spori building where both Steve and I worked and I had all my classes and it was as if nothing changed. I was ready to walk back into the Scroll and plop down in front of one of the computers and start designing ads!

It was so good to see all the changes taking place, it made it that much more real the growth we keep hearing of from Steve’s parents. It really is amazing all that they’re doing there, it made me wish I could be a part of it again. I loved being a student. I loved where we lived, the friends we had. I know Rexburg isn’t a thriving metropolis, but I have so many great memories of that town. At the time I moved two years ago, I had spent over 20% of my life living there. That was considerable, especially at the time. It was really fun to be back there.

It was also a treat to spend some one-on-one time with Steve’s parents. That’s not an opportunity we’ve had very often and I’m glad we could take advantage of it, especially for Hallie. I felt as though they were able to connect with her and come to understand her personality a little better. We took Hallie to the Rexburg splash park and carousel one afternoon. She enjoyed the water but she really took to the carousel. She went on it multiple times, and would’ve gone an additional 10 times if it were up to her. We also introduced her to cotton candy- she will never be the same. I’ve always been a huge fan of cotton candy…I’m not sure why, it’s just coats your teeth with sugar, but I enjoy eating it, I like how it melts in your mouth. Hallie felt the same way!