After working all morning on Friday, Cameron and Rob wanted to go jump in some water. The beach we normally go to is shut down for the year so we headed out to Atwater beach on Lake Michigan. Steve and I had never been out there but we had a perception that it wasn’t water you’d ever want to touch, but they didn’t care, they just wanted some water. So we get out there, and it was beautiful. It wasn’t really crowded at all. The sand was really fine and soft. And the water quality sign said the water was safe to get in (a very important factor). We had a great time. Hallie played in the sand. The boys raced out in the water, and I was able to enjoy some reading. It was such a nice afternoon we did the same thing on Saturday and it was just as great the second time. Seeing as though this weekend was the big 105th Harley celebration we were able to see a ton of Harleys. Everyone wanted to ride along the lake front I guess. It was entertaining and we saw some great mullets, tattoos and leather pants on people who should’ve considered something else from their closet that morning.