About a week and a half ago I was moving clothing from the washer to dryer. I started up the dryer: there was a large pop, smoke, and an awful smell. And the dryer had died. We’re assuming it (as well as the washer) to be nearly 20 years old if not older. They came with the home and it was always on our mind to get a new set, but they worked great so we weren’t too concerned.

Of course it goes out right after we spend all the money to finish the basement and just before we’re about to have this baby. I wasn’t too concerned. I went ahead and layed out all the clothing to dry, it wouldn’t be that bad right? The next morning all the clothing is still so wet, and its now acquired a nasty musty smell. This is when I realized a dryer would have to take more priority than I originally thought.

So I start my search on craigslist, which took some time. Unfortunately electric dryers (as opposed to gas) just aren’t very popular, but of course that’s what we needed. So after a week and a half we finally found a set, so we could get rid of the washer as well. WAHOO!! Getting the old set out was a bit difficult, they made things alot better back in the day and they were plenty heavy. With all the laundry mounting I can officially say tonight was the first time I was excited to do laundry…imagine that. I get the washer set up, push the dryer into place, Steve plugs it in…and the outlets don’t match up. Our set was that old that the outlet wasn’t even compatible with our new set.

Time: 8:47 p.m. Home depot is exactly 6 minutes away and they close in 13 minutes. I make a dash (as any pregnant lady would) for the Depot and got their just in the nick of time. We thought there would be some sort of converter. Wrong again. Must buy brand new outlet. Great, this is exactly what Steve wanted to do tonight. Well, Mr. Fix it, installed the new outlet, new dryer vent and in just under an hour we had the wash running. I’m singing praises to Home Depot as we speak, they were there for me when I needed them, they always are. You can do it, we can help.