While in Montana I attended the Oxnam Family reunion which is held every other year. Here are the highlights and not-so highlights…
Spending time with family- extended and immediate
Great food- each family is in charge of a different meal and we ate well
Beautiful scenery, right on Georgetown Lake
Oxnam Family Olympics – Anything from horse, paintball, to speed Scrabble
Our immediate family winning Family Feud
Nice Cool nights to enjoy
Fun activities to keep the kids busy and entertained
Learning how to play speed scrabble, I’m quite the fan
Surrounded by family so willing to entertain Hallie
Canoe Rides – Something Hallie will probably only experience when we’re visiting my family!

No-so Highlights:
Not having Steve there to enjoy it with us
Being pregnant enough to not fully participate in the active side of the Olympics
The 8 hour drive there and back, Hallie was great on the way up. The way back was a completely different story!
Hallie deciding this was the best time to want to potty train
Mosquitos, even with layers and layers of bug spray I couldn’t fight off those wretched pests.
Hallie and her cousins constantly wanting the toy they didn’t have
Dirty feet – I can’t stand dirty feet, but it’s inevitable when you walk around the dirt in flip flops!
Smelling of campfire smoke/bug spray/sunscreen