Hallie started a preschool group this week and we she was more than excited. For a week we couldn’t get her to stop talking about it. She kept telling us about her backpack, and that she was going to paint at preschool. It’s just once a week with 5 kids she’s friends with, and it rotates houses. She had to pick an item to take to show and tell for her first day, and she of course picked none other than the famous “Mister Monkey”. When I picked her up she was so happy because she got to see all her friends. The first thing she told me was that she ate watermelon and popcorn. It was as if she had died and gone to heaven. I was able to spend two hours in the morning by myself, which was a nice needed break. It was long enough to get some things done, but I’m definitely not ready for her to start school any time soon. Good thing we have a few years to ease into it!