We are less than two weeks until the big day! Even typing that makes me a little nervous, but what can you do? I’m starting to wind down an several projects, and making lists now only of things that absolutely have to be done, and if I have extra time later than I’ll do some other things, but as for now we’re sticking to the “have to” list.

My wonderful and lovely sister-in-law Virginia threw a baby shower for me yesterday which was more than appreciated. She is an excellent host, great entertainer, and an even better conversationalist. She filled her home with my friends of whom she had never met, and yet she made conversation with them as if she knew them. Not only that, she bought a cake from the best cake shop ever, “Shaker Baker”. (That action alone showed her love for me!) We played a few games; everyone had to cut a ribbon to fit around my belly…clearly some people thought I was a lot larger than I was because they cut their ribbons way, way too long. I found out who my real friends were!! One game I liked in particular was a card I filled out saying what attributes I wanted our child to inherit from either Steve or myself. Everyone else filled out the same card and tried to match my answers. Here’s the card I filled out:
It was fun to see what everyone else predicted I would want, and on a few qualities I had to explain my response.

It was great to spend some time with friends and just have fun. Everyone was so generous with gifts, I really am grateful. Grateful for Virginia and all of her hard work and preparation, and everyone who took time on their Saturday to spend it with me and offer up gifts. Thanks again! We’ll keep you posted on any progress…