We ventured out for the first time as a family to a local apple farm, Elegant Farmer. We figured Hunter could use some fresh air after being in the house for a while. It was the first time we had been to this specific farm, we were stepping out of our comfort zone a little bit! We intended on picking a 1/2 bushel of apples and picking a couple pumpkins…we walked away with a piece of delicious apple pie, a couple doughnuts and some carmel apples. We walked around the farm pushing the baby in the stroller, and pulling Hallie in the wagon just looking for some delicious apples, but there were none to be found! We then tried locating the pumpkin farm but after walking for a while without any orange sightings, we decided to turn around. Somewhat disappointed in the farm we headed back to the barn/car. We stopped in at their little store and made a couple of good purchases: apple pie baked in a paper bag, and carmel apples with the most delicious, thick, rich carmel. What the farm lacked in quality “pickable” apples, they made up for in good treats!