My little girl is three! We had a special day with our little three year old. A special breakfast, mickey mouse chocolate chip pancakes, followed by the birthday bucket, lunch as a family at McDonalds, some shopping, then dinner followed by Go Fish (I’m sure her new favorite game since we taught it to her this evening.)The things I love about Hallie…
Her love for shopping, she asks when she gets up from her nap if we need to run errands (aka a trip to the mall)
She adores her little brother more than anything
She makes her bed in the mornings
She always talks about her friends- the little girl she meets in the store is her friend
When talking on the phone she always tries to show instead of speak
The way she puts her hand on her hip when she talks – she’s sassy!
She loves FHE
How excited she gets to eat with dad in the morning
She yells during the closing song of sacrament “It’s Nursery time”
She sings for 45 minutes in her bed before falling asleep
Her expressions – she’s dramatic (funny now, not so funny when she’s 16)
She’s the best eater – eats anything and everything
Loves books
Her excitement in riding her tricycle around the block ringing her bell
Her love for music
She’s aware of others’ feelings – she gets concerned when she thinks I’m sad or when her friends get hurt.
She’ll sit and watch Gilmore Girls with me
She always asks to go “globbing” (looking at blogs)

And the best thing is she tells me she loves me everyday!
Her princess dress up from Nana and Papa