It’s weird to think that our due date was yesterday- and instead we had a child almost a week and a half ago. It’s crazy what a week can bring! I just wanted to do a quick flashback:

September 26, 2008 –
A beautiful and warm fall day
Ran errands all morning
Spent the afternoon working while Hallie was sleeping
Worked in the storage room trying to finish up some organizing and cleaning projects
Anticipated the season premiere of the Office and Survivor
Got ready to mow the lawn – Steve put a kabosh on that idea when he found out
Played with Hallie outside
Watched Steve mow the lawn and raked up the grass behind him

All these events led up to us getting ready to go to Bob and Virginia’s for some dinner and Thursday night TV. My back started aching as I cleaned the storage room, but nothing too serious. A couple hours later of on again, off again pains I realized I was having contractions. After I finished raking up the grass I told Steve (If I would’ve told him before this, he would’ve stopped mowing the lawn and I knew it would not get finished!!)

As we’re getting ready to walk out the door for the evening I told Steve I didn’t think we could go because of the contractions. (9 minutes apart and their house is in the opposite direction of the hospital). We called them and suggested they come over to our house so we could leave for the hospital when we needed to. They brought pizza and wings and I learned from my last labor that once you get to the hospital they don’t feed you. So I filled my tummy with the goodness of Toppers Pizza! We start Survivor and contractions are 7-8 minutes apart, which is when we were told to go to the hospital, but it was the season premiere of Survivor.

I had waited four months for this day and I wasn’t about to miss it. So I endure labor through the first hour, which normally would’ve been the whole episode, but of course the opener was 2 hours! I really wanted to make it through the next hour but contractions were 4-5 minutes and the pain was becoming more than I wanted to handle. Bob and Gin were so generous to take Hallie home with them for the night as Steve and I headed over to the hospital.

Once we got to the hospital I was ready for the epidural, but of course they need to check you in, make sure you’re in labor, they whole bit. Of course they hadn’t received our pre-admission that we had sent in so we had to fill out that paperwork. At this point I’m starting to think that watching Survivor may not have been worth it for the pain I was experiencing, I could’ve had an epidural by now!! More time passes, finally get checked in, get my epidural (they gave me three doses because it wasn’t working but I’m happy to report, that third dose worked like a gem and I couldn’t feel a thing! Much diffferent than my experience with Hallie) and it’s just after 11 p.m. Just in time to finish watching Oregon State beat USC – huge upset!!

The whole time I was thinking to myself, “I’m not ready for this yet, I need to call this person and that person, cancel our plans with so and so, blah blah blah.” Coming early really threw both of us off. Steve had just sent an email to his boss letting him know where he stood on all his projects and that he’d finish them up on Friday when he came to work- plans changed!

The doctor showed up, and with minimal pushing we had Hunter just after 1 a.m. He was perfect. (They always are in the sight of their parents!) It was surreal. One minute we’re doing our thing and the next thing we know we’ve brought a child into the world. We just held him and marveled at his beauty. And just like that it was over. I wasn’t pregnant any more. Such a weird feeling: nine months of preparation and then we were holding our child, yet it all felt so natural.

We were so fortunate to have Bob and Virginia as well as so many good friends that helped us out with Hallie. It made it easier for me to stay in the hospital knowing that Hallie was having a good time and being taken care of.

We got together with Bob and Virginia this Thursday night for Survivor and we were reflecting back on the previous Thursday, and it was amazing how our lives had changed drastically in such a short period of time. 7 days, alot can happen in 7 days!

My mom is here with us now which has been such a nice treat since Steve is back at work. She’s been great for Hallie and is willing to sit and color with her for FOUR HOURS! Something neither Steve nor I would have the patience for! On top of that she’s made some great food – nothing like fresh cinnamon rolls! Hunter is the best child ever…prayers have been answered!

The first night my mom got here, Steve passed over night duty to her because he had to go back to work. That night and each night since then, Hunter has only woke up once a night to feed and then sleeps the rest of the night. Could it get any better? I’m sure this won’t last very long. I keep telling Steve that as soon as my mom leaves and Steve’s on his second week of paternity leave Hunter’s sleeping habits will change and he’ll be up all night! Let’s hope not. We’re still adjusting to a number of things but each day is a little better. I’m thinking maybe, just maybe I can handle this!!