Just a few one month shots of our little man and some updates:
Unfortunately he’s awake a lot more – a lot!
The only thing he does consistently is eats!
After a few very uncomfortable tests found out Hunter doesn’t have the same condition as Hallie! Relief and frustration wrapped in one. Unfortunately there’s still concern with his colon, which means we’re back at square one, and back at the doctor’s office next week to try and figure some things out.
Experienced his first Halloween- very uneventful for him, we didn’t even dress him up. We’ll go all out next year.
Has attended church a couple times – his loud grunts and moans are a little distracting during Sunday School.
Makes and keeps eye contact
Spits up all the time- seriously all the time. We have so many burp rags everywhere because it is that frequent.
Loves the swing, hates the bouncer.