This little guy just doesn’t stop growing. I was shopping with him the day after Christmas, his 3 month mark and I couldn’t believe it has been that long. But at the same time, it’s hard to remember not having him. He is such a good little guy. We started out a little rough but he really is a great baby and is becoming so smiley. I love getting him out of his crib in the morning and he just smiles at me. By this age Hallie had already been on a plane two separate times and the third was just weeks away. But we managed to keep this guy grounded. Just a few things to remember:
Still loves his pacifier-Thank heavens
Only sleeps well when bundled with the Swaddleme- the best invention ever! And when swaddled properly will sleep several hours in a stretch during the night
Wakes up usually two times a night to eat
Has been man-handled by his sister multiple times, and generally doesn’t cry
Isn’t content hanging out on his own – we need to work on that
Has met both sets of grandparents, and two aunts and uncles, however has been involved with multiple Skype sessions where he’s been introduced to the whole family
Refuses to breastfeed – its just too easy coming from a bottle, so I continue to pump
Has acquired the nickname Hunt-man from his big sister
Doesn’t sleep very much of the day- two hours max- all day!
Very smiley- loves to be talked to
Loves bath time which is an improvement from the screaming we used to see
Is a great shopper as we’ve experienced this holiday season, hopefully it lasts
Likes the Baby Bjorn
Has been to the zoo once, the movies once and multiple restaurants

Here’s to another good month!