5 years yesterday…man it feels like we’re old. We sat and reminisced on the last five years, the ups the downs, the adventures, the learning experiences. We’ve had a great five years.
In five years:
Both graduated college
Had two children
Interviewed and interviewed for jobs
Never rented: owned a condo, and then a home
Totally remodeled a home
Worked in Zion National Park for the summer and lived in a fifth wheel – that was an adventure
Worked in Arizona for the summer
Enjoyed Chicago – multiple times
Moved to Milwaukee
Lived with Steve’s brother in Wisconsin for a couple months before finding a home
Hiked Havasupai Falls in the Grand Canyon
Hallie’s major surgery
Trips to Lake Powell
Family Reunions
Ski Trips
Trips to D.C. (Owens), Nauvoo, Vegas, to see family
Baseball – basketball – football games anywhere from high school to pro
A broken ankle (large surgery), fractured jaw, and three broken fingers (none of which were for me!!)
2 root canals, 2 crowns, and I won’t even mention how many cavities! Yes we brush and floss our teeth- bad genes!
Had multiple friends come visit and stay with us

Good times- We both agreed…we have an excellent life.