The news has been prepping us for this storm for a few days now. In the past they’ve done this and the storm hasn’t lived up to the expectations that were set forth by the media…today is a different story. I decided to stock up on some basic groceries last night just in case we happened to have this huge monstrous storm…entered the Target cereal isle…empty. Just empty, except for two boxes of Kashi, and a box of almond granola which should never be counted as cereal. They were out of milk…chips…craziness. Steve’s work already made it a late starting work day. But the snow was out of control. The news reported that we received over 12 inches since 1 am with some areas receiving more. (thats on top of the snow we already had!) We can’t even get out of the driveway- literally. We have to wait for the city to come plow, which considering we’re in a cul de sac could take all day. Needless to say, Steve never made it into work. Its a snow day. Hopefully the wind will stop blowing and we’ll be able to go outside to enjoy it.

Just for kicks and giggles I thought I’d post the picture of the garden area from our flooding earlier this year, only to now be covered in snow. We have definitely received some extreme weather this year!