Hallie’s most recent obsession is the movie the Polar Express. She asks multiple times a day if she can watch it, I usually kindly deny her but last night with the chilly weather it only seemed appropriate to snuggle up with some hot chocolate and watch a Christmas movie. Steve was insistent that I not give Hallie a choice for he knew exactly what movie she would choose and frankly he’s tired of watching it. But she gets so excited about it, I knew we wouldn’t make it through the whole thing before bed time so it was fine. So she sat happy as a lark on the couch as the Polar Express played and kindly went to bed with the promise that she could finish watching it in the morning.

Of course she has an amazing memory. She woke up, snuggled Hunter and I for a while and then said, “Lets go downstairs and watch Polar Express.” Of course. I told her to go down and get ready and I would come down after feeding Hunter to turn it on for her. As it usually goes, I got sidetracked. I fed Hunter, got something to eat, picked up the living room and then decided to go downstairs. I found Hallie downstairs sitting on the couch, covered in a blanket, with Mr. Monkey by her side and she was staring at the blank screen.

I apologized for taking so long and quickly turned the movie on. She replied in her sweetest and most innocent voice, “That’s okay mom…Mom, I didn’t even get mad at the tv.” As you can see we’re working on her angry outbursts!