Today was brutal- just cold. It wouldn’t have been so bad had I not had to leave the house for church. (Yes, other wards in the area cancelled, and for good reason, but not ours) It is by far the coldest day I’ve experienced, ever. We peaked today at -35 (that’s with wind chill). It made my bones ache just going out to start the car. The car’s heat couldn’t keep up even turned on full blast, Hallie was shivering (and we even put her in pants under her dress to keep her warm.) The wind was out of control. As I was driving, I would come up over a hill and as I started my descent, I would lose all visibility, a complete whiteout. A little scary. Having said that, there is an absolute beauty of a completely white covered city. The snow is still fresh, so it’s not grungey and dirty. It’s beautiful. And because of the massive amount it leaves me in awe. Its the perfect background for our Christmas tree. I was just reading a report that said this is the second snowiest December in the history of Milwaukee. With just 19 more inches we will surpass the record (2000), which is not far off if the snow keeps coming like it has. We’re supposed to get snow three more days at least this week. With temperatures tomorrow hitting -25. I think we just may have a white Christmas!