Thanksgiving day…was a day of goodness and deliciousness…This is how the day broke down:
9 am: Wake up (Steve’s parents were staying with us and fortunate for us entertained Hallie until we were ready to wake up)
Started breakfast right away – variety of items french toast, eggs, muffins, smoothies, monkey bread- pure deliciousness
10:30 am: Bob, Virginia, Josh, and Cam show up to start our annual “Stuff your face breakfast”. I think the title is self explanatory
Noon- All the guys gather downstairs to watch football and ultimately end up sleeping. I opt for putting up the tree much to Hallie’s delight
1:30 pm: Skype family members in Arizona to see how their Thanksgiving feast is panning out
2:30 pm: More Christmas decorations – Yippee!
3:30 pm: Go to Bob and Virginia’s and continue to expand our belts in preparation for a feast, browse through countless ads to see all this season’s hot items
4:30 pm: Skype more family members
5:30 pm: Let the feast begin. Virginia knocked it out of the ball park with this meal- simply fantastic
6:30 pm: Skype Rob in China – Letting him see the whipped cream mustaches from the tasty pumpkin pie- and trying to convince him that the meal really wasn’t that great (we’ll tell him the truth when he’s home for Christmas!)
7:30 pm: Survivor! (possibly the only disappointment the whole day…it was a recap show, decent, but not what I was hoping for!)
9:00 pm: Rolled out the door, greased ourselves to get into the car and jiggled all the way home. Nothing short of the perfect day!

I have much to be grateful for- we are very blessed. I am grateful for:
The newest addition to our family- Hunter

For Hallie’s love for Hunter- such a good helper

A home- a home that we’ve worked on so hard and we feel comfortable in

Internet- I can’t imagine life without it. Since when did someone pay the bills with an envelope and stamp, or look up something in the phone book (do those even exist?)

Steve’s job, he loves what he does and he continues to learn and grow and is loving the process

My work- whether it be photography or graphic design, I love it. I absolutely love it, I find I would prefer to do work than many things- such as TV or working out!

Modern day conveniences- I love the microwave, it’s genius. Or the cell phone, TiVo, washer and dryer, computers, disposable diapers, the list could go on and on…

Healthy home, besides a broken finger (Steve) and a few inconveniences with the dentist, we have been very healthy

Friends- we have some amazing friends

The gospel- our home is built upon the values of the gospel and I’m grateful for a husband who understands that and values it as much as I do.

Family- we love our families and wish more than anything to be close to each and every one of them. Understanding that’s not possible we’re grateful for modern technology which allows us in many ways to stay close. We are fortunate to live close to Steve’s brother which we absolutely love. We’re very close to them and most of the time forget that they’re family- we consider them friends and enjoy the friendship we share.

Steve- he gets me. He understands my humor and laughs at my jokes. He knows my weaknesses and loves me anyway. He makes up for the distance where I fall short. I love him- more and more each day.