We had some friends over last week for a nacho bar and games. We invited everyone to look deep in their closets or the Salvation Army for the ugliest sweaters. We had some dooseys- the pictures don’t do these absolutely ugly color combinations justice!Steve & Kara
Yes, my sweater says, “My grandkids are snow much fun” the sad thing is this is a current model…Kohls, this season. Ouch. Steve’s is straight from Peru- literally. David and Jodee
Jodee claimed they didn’t have any ugly sweaters – I believe her!Cameron & Tiffany
You can’t tell from the picture but her sweater had a beautiful shimmer that was blinding to the eyes!
Marc and Tricia
It takes a real man to wear a pink sweater- an even bigger man to wear a woman’s sweater! We loved how they matched!
Adam & Danielle
Another man wearing a woman’s sweater- the dog is just beautiful – so the 80 year old lady who saw him purchasing it pointed out. Danielle sporting the vest, which looks like a 90’s Christmas placemat, over her very pregnant belly
Jared & Leslie
Flash back from the 80’s. The purple, burgundy, and green took me back to the 4th grade where I swear my teacher had the same sweater. Leslie is sporting the abstract roses which never should’ve gone out of style. Roses are classic, right?
Jared – perfecting his poses for “pictures by deb”

And the so the sweaters went back in the bin- only to be brought out again next year.