Whoever thought of DVR is a genius in my book. Schedule to record tv shows days in advance and watch at your convenience. I totally remember pulling out a box of VHS tapes in order to record some random show. I’d first have to put the tape in the VCR to see what was on the tape because heaven knows we never learned how to label anything. I’d see the world cup from four years prior and know that my dad would kill me if he found out I recorded over it. Sometimes I would take my chances and record over it- and yes I can recall at least one instance where I was caught. But it was such a hassle. Sometimes I didn’t set the timer right so the show was never recorded and then I was bummed I missed out.

Enter DVR- (angels singing) and all the sudden life changed completely. No longer were we bound to the television (okay, I’ve never been bound to a television, but I’m sure plenty of people are). We weren’t worried about missing our favorite show, or fighting with siblings/spouse as to who gets to watch their desired show. Just record it. Simple.

For the most part I watch televsion on my computer while working, so I leave the little black box in the caring hands of my spouse…he takes the responsibility seriously and does a wonderful job. However, we encountered a rookie mistake…

A girl from Steve’s work is currently on the Bachelor so it has become our Monday evening routine to watch the show so Steve can be up to date as he goes to work the next day. We got home from Hallie’s swim lessons, put the kids to bed and settled in front of the tv for some R&R. But the Bachelor isn’t there. It didn’t record. How can this be? I know, not the end of the world, it will be on the ABC website tomorrow, but we wanted it tonight. So we went to our next option…Scrubs. Consequently this too was skipped. My thoughts can’t stop turning to that silly timer on our old VCR which never seemed to work right.

I take over the remote to do some investigative work and come to find out…they were both skipped. SKIPPED. Hense, our rookie mistake…when recording multiple shows, you need to also check your priority list to make sure they are in the correct order, ours were not. Obviously. I can’t even bear to say the show that was recorded instead because I find it to be such a stupid show I’m not sure it even deserves virtual space in the little black box. But like I said, I allow Steve control of that aspect of our lives. I just hope we can all learn a lesson from this and ensure that it not happen again.