We’ve had a rough day…Hunter is sick and Hallie was hard. Lack of sleep combined with her strong willed personality is not a good combination. We had the starburst incident this morning which was more funny than not, but that was just the beginning of a chain of events causing meltdown after magnificent meltdown. Even going to swim lessons we had a meltdown and she loves swim lessons. So by the time we got home this evening at 7:30, it felt as though it was hours passed her bedtime. So we battled the strong will and fought to get her to bed, kicking and screaming the whole time. By this point I was exhausted. Frustrated. Angry. And was done for the day. I watched the bachelor and folded laundry, and then distributed the laundry to the appropriate rooms. When I went to our room to put clothes away, I found a single red starburst on both Steve’s nightstand as well as my own. (Hallie has to have a treat/money sitting on her dresser when she takes a nap and goes to bed.) Immediately the day wasn’t so bad. The meltdowns weren’t a big deal. I just smiled. What I loved was the fact that in the midst of her exhausting day she managed to leave a treat for me. Granted, it was one of the treats she denied taking earlier- but she still left one for me. Which makes today not so bad.