A new restaurant, Stir Crazy, opened a few months back and ever since it opened I’ve told Steve I wanted to try it out. Steve claims I don’t care about food like he does (which is absolutely correct) so he ends up choosing the majority of the time which restaurant we frequent. I remember one time in particular I really wanted to go to Stir Crazy- but instead we went to Cheesecake Factory for the hundreth time. We had our babysitting group last night which meant we could go out with some friends. We let them choose the restaurant…Stir Crazy- I couldn’t have picked a better place myself.

Stir Crazy is a fresh Asian grill and it was fabulous. I’m a sucker for good Asian food and this did not disappoint. We took the recommendations of our friends to try the “market bar” You get a bowl and go through a line of assorted fresh veggies and goodness (stacked as high as you can manage), choose your meat, your sauce or sauce mixture, and choose your noodle or rice. Very tasty. Wasn’t anything too fancy- but tasty. Try it out if you have one close!