Hallie waited for this day for a long time, she’s been talking about it forever…
She is a sunbeam! We walked her to class for the first time on Sunday (last week they had all the kids stay in their old class because of the lack of teachers) and she thought she was the biggest girl. We walked her in, introduced her to her teacher and helped her find her chair. There she sat, arms fold, legs together, awaiting singing time. She loves singing time. She came home with this fancy dancy necklace which she refused to take off, and couldn’t stop talking about all the big girls. Too funny- we were informed she did great and sang louder than most the kids, that’s my girl!

And now that she’s a sunbeam her knowledge within the gospel is growing rapidly. For example: This morning I awoke to her saying, “Mom…Mom…Mom.” Finally I open my eyes and I see her standing very close to me. Without missing a beat she starts chatting. “And daddy is Joseph Smith, I’m Mary and Hunter is baby Jesus. And mom you can be the other wife.”

I thought I heard her wrong so I asked her to repeat and she repeated it verbatim. I did hear her correctly. She then goes on a tangent about Joseph’s leg really hurting, and that’s daddy. I’m not sure what she learned in one day of Primary, but she managed to blend the Christmas story with Joseph Smith (which could be very easy for a child, both Joseph!) But then she brings up the “other wife”. Hmm….I’m pretty sure she knows nothing about polygamy and just wanted to make sure I felt included in her roleplay….hmmm….Primary teachers are going to love her!