Hunter is now 5 months old…how quickly time flies by.
Just an update on his most recent adventures and achievements:
Stayed for the first time in a house that wasn’t his (Sheboygan) and didn’t do well with it!
Wore his first swim suit and experienced the pool two times. Loving it the second time, when the water was a little warmer.
Rolls from front and back and back to front.
Continues to love the bumbo chair.
Spits up more than most normal children.
Still drinks great from a bottle.
Goes to bed at 6:30. Yeah!!
Adores his older sister and is easily entertained by her.
Doesn’t sleep great during the day, but during the night only wakes up 2 times. We love improvement in this area!
Had his first taste of real food, yogurt, and wanted nothing more to do with it.
Enjoys standing up and jumping up and down.
Loves piano music. Whenever he gets upset, I sit down at the piano and play some tunes and he sits quietly.
Enjoys baby Einstein.
His fussiest time is from 4pm to 6:30, hopefully he’ll get over that soon.
He loves kicking his legs, I will wake up to the sound of him kicking his legs in his bed, which means he usually kicks out of his pajamas.
Uses his pacifier as a toy, always playing with it.
He is a smiley baby, my favorite thing to do is get him out of bed when he’s all smiles.
Puts up with Hallie smashing his face, pulling is legs, bending his fingers. He’s such a good sport. And we love him all so dearly!

Here’s to another great month!