About a week ago I noticed our tub was draining slower than usual. I have been experiencing the post-pregnancy shedding, where my hair seems to fall out in excessive amounts. Clearly this must have been the problem. So I pull out the Drain-O and let it work it’s magic. Sure enough the next day it was draining much better. Problem solved.

The next day, same problem. Slow drainage. However the day before I used all my Drain-O. So I went out and bought two of the largest commercial strength bottles I could find. I pour a quarter of the bottle and allow the time to pass. Still the water won’t go down. I pour another quarter of the bottle, still not working.

A couple days go by and I was still haunted with that stupid drain. Steve takes his showers with his feet submerged in 5 inches and it takes over an hour for it to drain. So I pull the plunger and start going to work on it. After my arms are completely sore from plunging I find relief when a small Dental-Pik (a one time use flosser) finally comes up through the pipes. I thought for sure this was my ticket. So I try more water…nothing. I pour more Drain-O. Nothing. I’m so frustrated at this point, but so stubborn I won’t call anybody.

So today I go back to work on it. I’m tired of taking a shower, while my feet are taking a bath. I pull out more Drain-O, more hot water, and the handy dandy plunger. I realized the whole time I was trying to push the clog through, instead of pulling it back out through the drain. So I start using the plunger a little differently, focusing on pulling instead of pushing. Once again, my arms tire. And as I’m about to give up because I’m angry I see a small white thing coming up. My first thought was another dental-pik – Hallie loves playing those things. I try pulling it out and can’t get it. I get the tweezers out and start pulling and I finally get it. But it wasn’t a dental-pik…no, it was much larger. A washrag. Hunter’s washrag made it’s way down the drain and was causing major issues. Sure enough I pull that out, and the water makes it’s way down the drain just fine.

Lesson learned. After a week, a very large bottle and a half of Drain-O and plunging with all the arm strength my weak little arms could handle, I pulled out a washrag. Good thing I didn’t pay good money for someone to come out.

I couldn’t help but call my sweet husband and brag about my sweet plumbing skills. I like life lessons, especially when I’m not out any money to learn them!