We had an unusually cold January- even for Wisconsin. It didn’t seem worth bundling up the kids every day, so we went into hibernation. Because I’m home all day and seem to be cold regardless if it’s winter or not, I like to keep the house fairly warm. Yes, we did get our heating bill and yes it’s more than any utilities bill we’ve ever seen. But well worth it in my opinion. Sure we could save a few dollars by dropping it a few degrees. But in the end, I’d rather pay just a little bit more to have my comfort level increase drastically.

Hallie on the other hand takes advantage of the cold weather and is always sporting some winter gear. A lot of times it the boots, and occasionally the coat. This particular day it was her hat and gloves. She puts them on, takes them off. Finds a new set, puts them on, and takes them off. All the while she’s running around in bare feet!

That and as you can see from the pictures- when you don’t leave the house you’re entitled to lounge around in your pajamas. This particular day was a little different. A Sunday. In which we attended church at 9am, made it back by 12:30 and when changing out of her dress, Hallie chose to slip into her pajamas. It’s never too early to start the bedtime routine, Right?