The sun can be deceiving.

I often wake up to a beautiful ray of sunshine coming through the blinds. Yes, it’s a sunny day. Perhaps it’s warm. Maybe a sweatshirt will do. However, the sun can be deceiving. And when I step outside without my coat on, I’m reminded that it’s far colder than I imagined. But that doesn’t change the feeling of sun on my face, it’s a good feeling.

I went outside this morning with the sun shining, expecting it to be cold. This was not the case. It was mild, with a slight bite when the wind picked up. But man did it feel good. There was a part of me that was jumping for joy because spring is just around the corner. Our snow for the most part has all melted it off. Hallie rode her bike in our balmy 50 degree weather. It was wonderful. The other part of me anxiously watches the weather knowing that there’s got to be another snow storm just around the corner. By this time of year, every time I see the snow fall I think, “Is this the last fall of the year?” and I get excited when I entertain the idea.

But the chances of it snowing again are fairly high. And that’s okay. Because I know there will be days like today in between bursts of snow. Which makes everything okay.

I love the sun.
Even better I love daylight savings in the spring.
I love seeing the first buds on the trees, or sprouts from my plants.
My garden is calling my name, my flowers await their pampering.
I love the sun.

I’m hoping it lasts. I think we’re just about to the point in the season where warmer days start to outweigh the cold days. I look forward to that.