I was at the Depot buying a gallon of paint last night. They kind clerk scanned my items. I used the pin pad thing to complete my transaction. She asks for my card to compare signatures. I don’t sign my cards. That way they have to see picture ID. I kindly hold my picture ID for her. She gave the courteous look and then asked to see a card with my signature. I just showed her my ID, I was confused. She repeated, I need to see a card with a signature so I can compare the signatures. I only have one other card with a signature on it. Thumb through my wallet. Can’t find it. Lady is still standing there looking at me. She’s making me nervous. Nervous enough my fingers can’t thumb through my cards fast enough to find a card with my signature. Finally. Found it. Proudly hand it to the lady. As I hand it over, I realize it looks absolutely nothing like the signature I just signed on the machine. She better not call me on it. She quickly glances at the card and hands it back. Thank you have a nice day….

Really- she wouldn’t accept a photo ID, and instead insisted on a signature, which clearly didn’t match the one I just quickly scribbled across the pad. Really? I could’ve just stole someone’s wallet, and scribbled on a machine. Really? That’s the whole reason I don’t sign my cards, so they have to ask to see my photo ID. For some reason it makes me feel safer knowing they’re going to ask for ID. Not this lady. Not at the depot. Nope, she compared a beautifully scripted signature on the back of my Gap card to the three lines and a circle I signed on the machine and called it good. Evidently that’s just how they roll at the depot.