A friend posted on facebook: If you don’t drink, St. Patrick’s day is just another Tuesday. I had to chuckle. I woke up this morning took Hallie to preschool, did some errands, and ran to the mall and it was only after running into an older man in the elevator that I realized it was even St. Patrick’s day. Horrible mother, I know. No green milk, or green eggs. No shamrocks hanging from the ceiling. Just another Tuesday. That’s okay, I’m gearing up for the next holiday to celebrate….fourth of July!

Hallie made a fun hat at preschool and she couldn’t stop talking about the gold we needed to find. If I would’ve been on the ball we would’ve had a festive day, but we didn’t. Maybe next year. But we did enjoy yet another beautiful day, windy, but beautiful. Notice the short sleeve shirts…yeah!