Hunter’s 6 month stats:

15 lbs even
27.5 inches
At 6 months Hunter is wide awake…really, all the time!
Doesn’t care for solid foods, but we remain persistant in giving them to him
Loves to roll around
Scoots backwards and often ends up under couches
Now that he rolls over, prefers to sleep on his stomach
Spends more time in the high chair as opposed to the bumbo chair
Enjoys his swim time at the YMCA
He is constantly being manhandled by his older, loving sister yet he still smiles when she enters the room.
He doesn’t sleep, I know I said that already, but to reiterate he will go a whole day and not get a wink of sleep, even with me letting him cry it out, for a long, long time
Loves the toys that hang from his carseat
Already makes us stand in the hall for most of church
He is a smiley guy for the most part
He’s doing the little boy giggle, and I just love it
He’s quite flexible and loves his toes in his mouth
Is easily soothed with piano music
Hopefully sooner than later we’ll figure out this whole sleeping thing and when he’s well rested he’s so much fun to be around!