This is his new favorite face. Squinty eyes, scrunched nose. I love it.

I can’t believe this little guy is already 7 months old. He is just becoming more and more active as time goes on, we love it. Here are the latest highlights in his life…

Started crawling the week after he turned 6 months. Although he prefers the army crawl because he can get around quicker he has on occasion crawled on his knees. This means we’re vacuuming much more these days!
He puts everything in his mouth- and drools all the time.
He’s discovering his voice, and loves his high pitch squeal/giggle.
Went on his first airplane ride…didn’t go so hot. He refused to go to sleep and I’m pretty sure everyone on the plane was praying for him to fall asleep.
Went to Arizona.
Went to his first baseball game, Cubs vs….I don’t remember!
Doesn’t really like the whole eating thing. We try religiously to give him food but it always ends up outside of his mouth- he has a very active tongue!
Fully wears 6-12 month tops (of course they’re baggy on him because he’s a skinny little guy), and 0-3 month bottoms…long torso.
Loves soft blankets against his face, it’s our best defense mechanism when he’s having a hard time sleeping.
Enjoys sucking his toes, he takes off his shoes and socks and goes to town.
Didn’t particularly care for the Arizona sun- I’m convinced he just was unsure of the bright warm rays beaming across his carseat.
Still doesn’t sleep great, but we still see a little progress. He is getting better.
Sits without help, and transitions into a crawl.
Hallie gets him to laugh better than anyone.
Loves toys hanging from his carseat, and is really discovering the fun of mirrors.

He is all over the place, crawling from one room to the other following me around. Which makes me realize even more how difficult it is to baby proof when you have an older child leaving toys/pens/paper on the ground. We need to the work on that.

We love this little guy and are so grateful for him!