Whenever we make cookies, we double the batch. We cook half of them and freeze the other half in individual balls (perfect for popping in your mouth). So Sunday we put half of them in the freezer, formed into balls sitting on the cookie sheet. It is now Tuesday, and I was just getting ready to start dinner, so I opened the freezer to pull out some chicken…and there I saw them. Naked. No ziploc bag to protect there sweet taste from freezer burn. How could I make such a big mistake? I took a bite out of one of them and realized they were beyond any sweet taste. They tasted just like the freezer (in case some of you have not tasted the freezer, I recommend you go straight to the kitchen, open up the freezer and lick the inside of the freezer door…you will then know, and never forget the taste!) So sadly, ever so sadly, I pulled the cookie sheet out, and pushed all 50+ cookie balls into the trash can. Steve is no doubt going to be disappointed, especially since there are only two cookies left from Sunday…I think I will go hide them!!