When we moved into our home three years ago, we couldn’t help but notice the hideous, polka dot tree in the front yard. We wanted to have it removed immediately- however the cost of removing a 60 foot, 50 year-old pine tree was not something we were willing to include in the budget. So there it sat, ugly as can be. And as time when on we began planting and landscaping around the whole tree. It was a lot of work.

A couple weeks ago I was removing the Christmas lights. Yes I understand Christmas was three months ago. But when temperatures are as low as they were in January, Christmas lights just don’t get taken down. We recently had a warm week, so I climbed on the roof and got to work. In this process I noticed how many pine needled and cones were sitting in the gutters, so of course I then start cleaning the gutters. I then notice large branches of the tree sweeping our roof, causing it to wear down prematurely. First thing I do upon getting off the roof is call someone to quote out trimming our tree. The trimming of a tree is an expensive service.  But something has to be done. As I was calling trimming services, it only made sense to also have it quoted to be completely removed, even though we did that once before and it was so expensive.
Sometimes a failing economy can work to your advantage, especially in certain service industries.  Tree removal being one of those. We could pay a hundred dollars more than the trimming service and have the tree completely removed. With how much we hated the tree, it was a no brainer! Within 5 days we had a whole crew working on our front yard cutting branches, mulching branches, grinding the stump. And although I’m ecstatic to have the ugly tree out of our front yard- the tree had so much character. 50 years of character in fact. Branches had been cut off through the years making it a polka dot trunk. I’m sure some of the old people in our neighborhood were distraught about losing the neighborhood tree, but I won’t lose any sleep over it! I’ll have to post some after pictures soon.