Yep, he’s 8 months…already. He’s got all sorts of tricks up his sleeves. The latest and greatest:

Finally lowered the bed to the lowest setting because he was getting to the point where he could’ve fallen out.

Loves to climb the stairs. He gets both feet on the first stair, starts rocking back and forth and then falls down.

Loves the grass. Loves sitting in it, eating it, everything.

Climbs up on everything, but especially his activity table, he loves the music.

Always dances to music. Clearly he got Hallie’s hips!

Is doing better in the food department, much better. We’re hoping for some serious weight gain at his next visit.

Likes to grab the spoon and try and feed himself.

“Experienced” the dreaded stairs, luckily he was perfectly fine. We now have permanent gates up everywhere.

Loves to play in the bathroom. Why? Why do all kids love to play in the dirtiest place in the house?!

Went to Chicago for the first time.

Drinks water from a sippy cup.

His eyes are always opens. A lady in the store was admiring him in his carseat, when she commented. “Wow, he really doesn’t blink does he?” Nope. Always open, wide open.

Experienced his first swings, and loved them.

Still fits in his infant seat, although he is getting heavier to carry around.

Has a love/hate relationship with his sister already. He loves her to talk to him, he hates it when she tries to “play” with him. Her play isn’t very gentle, he ends up getting hurt more often than not when Hallie is in the room.

He really is a happy kid. I love getting him out of bed first thing in the morning. As he’s standing up in the crib, he starts rocking back and forth as soon as he sees me. With mouth wide open he lets out a high pitch squeal. I love it.